Case Study: Objective Lens: Small diameter and short overall length in the optical system
Mini objective lens: Supper small diameter lens and short overall length of optical system

     Key Takeaways Avantier’s small objective lens revolutionizes medical optical systems, particularly in dental health applications. This project focuses on utilizing a higher-resolution lens while reducing the overall optical system volume. This carefully balanced approach involves advanced optical design, material selection, and component layout optimization. The lens, with a diameter under 3mm, a length […]

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Case Study – 20X Objective Lens & Tube Lens For Observing Blood
20X Objective Lens & Tube Lens For Observing Blood

     Key Takeaways This medical research project employs a 20X lens from Avantier for deep exploration of single-cell genetic expression and for immune profiling in human blood cells under a microscope.  The high magnification enables meticulous analysis, unveiling insights into genetic patterns, immune responses, and chromatin accessibility. This contributes to the advancement of  single-cell […]

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What Is the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)?
Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

What Is the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)?  Understanding and Utilizing the Modulation Transfer Function in Optical System Design The Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) is a vital parameter used to assess the performance of optical systems, ranging from simple lenses to complex imaging lens assemblies. It serves as a standardized quantitative measure for optical designers and […]

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Optical System Design: Challenges and Advantages

Key Takeaways Optical systems designed with meticulous attention to field of view parameters. Analysis tools utilized to ensure optimal field of view performance. Optimization techniques employed to meet specified field of view requirements effectively. Maximizing Optical System Performance with Zemax At Avantier, we use Zemax for designing, analyzing, and optimizing optical systems, such as lenses, […]

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