Micro Prisms

Micro prisms are very small versions of optical prisms, typically 0.1-5mm in size. They are used with optical fibers, to direct light from one channel to another accurately. They are also used in photography as a focusing aid. 

At Avantier, we produce high performance custom micro prisms and microsprismatic arrays. 

Types of Micro Prisms

Micro Prisms can be made in many different shapes. Three popular types of are penta micro prisms,  right-angle  micro prisms and dove prisms.

A penta micro prism, with seven faces, is a great choice for when you need to  deviate light by 90 degrees. This type of prism will turn a beam of light by exactly 90 degrees no matter where the light enters the prism, making it easy to use with minimal configuration. 

Right angle micro prisms will also deviate by 90 degrees when used in certain orientations in others, they will deviate light by 180. The prisms have three rectangular faces and two that are parallel triangles; they are shaped like a chunky right triangle.

Dove micro prisms are shaped like truncated right angle prisms; they are used to invert an image without deviating the beam of light.

Micro Prism
Micro Prism

Micro Penta Prism Diameter 1.38mm-0.02mm

Benefits of Using Micro Prisms

There are many benefits to using micro prisms within your optical assembly. Some key points include:

  • Minimal footprint
  • Precise Deviation
  • Low Signal Loss

The small size and weight of each micro prism means they can be used within the most compact device while adding only minimal extra weight. Their small size also means the faces and angles are carefully engineered and crafted precisely to the highest standard. They offer a precise deviation of light. Carefully polished optical surfaces mean these prisms also have high reflectivity and low signal loss.

Custom Micro Prisms at Avantier

Avantier is a prime supplier of custom micro-optics, including both micro prisms and micro prismatic arrays.  We produce custom microprisms for many applications, including fiber optics and imaging. Our micro prisms can also be used for medical applications; for example, within endoscopes.

Often when ordering specialized optics you may find yourself limited to a catalogue of ‘in-stock’ products which do not quite match your needs and specifications. At Avantier, we aren’t like that. We believe in producing the exact piece you need for your individual situation; a custom optic made to order. 

We can work with plans you’ve already made to craft a microprism or other optics according to your blueprint. If you aren’t sure what you need yet, we can also work with you to design the perfect optical components for your assembly. Our personable engineers and designers are available to work with you one-on-one to ensure your project gets where you need it to be, in a timeframe that works for you, and in the most affordable way possible. 

Don’t settle for something that’s second best. Call us today to schedule a consult with our experienced designers or place your own custom order.


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