Avantier utilize ZYGO’s Beam Expanders that are widely used across the globe to meet the most demanding and precise requirements for large-format optics metrology. ZYGO has accumulated decades of experience in developing beam expanders and internally producing critical components like super-precise reference flats. This wealth of experience ensures that ZYGO’s beam expanders are capable of meeting your application needs while providing long-term support and reliability.

Here are some key features and capabilities of ZYGO’s Large Aperture Systems and Beam Expanders:

  • Expanded Aperture Sizes: ZYGO’s beam expanders are available in a range of expanded aperture 18 inches. This flexibility allows for the measurement of large optical components and systems.
  • Dual Channel Capability: These systems offer dual-channel functionality, with one channel dedicated to the native 4-inch aperture and the other to the expanded leg. This dual-channel setup provides added flexibility, allowing for precise measurements of both large and small apertures.
  • High Resolution: ZYGO’s beam expanders are designed for high-resolution applications and maintain the Instrument Transfer Function (ITF) for interferometer systems up to 3.4k x 3.4k, ensuring accuracy in measurements.
  • Vibration Robustness: These systems support QPSI (Quad Phase Shift Interferometry) vibration-robust acquisition techniques, ensuring reliable metrology even in challenging environments.
  • Operating Wavelengths: ZYGO’s beam expanders are available for use with a wide range of operating wavelengths, spanning from 633 nm to 1.55 µm. This versatility allows for measurements across different optical spectrums.
  • Accessories: A range of optical and mechanical accessories are available for each aperture size, including reference optics with high precision, achieving surface quality up to λ/25 PVr (Peak-to-Valley ratio).

In conclusion, as a custom optical manufacturer, Avantier’s partnership with ZYGO’s Beam Expanders has been pivotal in meeting the exacting demands of large-format optics metrology. ZYGO’s extensive experience, coupled with the impressive features like expanded apertures, dual-channel capability, high resolution, vibration robustness, versatile operating wavelengths, and precision accessories, ensures that our optical solutions are backed by reliability and precision, enabling us to excel in delivering high-quality custom optics to our clients worldwide.


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