Micro Optics

Embark on a journey into the intricate world of Micro Optics at Avantier, where precision and innovation converge in exceptionally small optical components. From microlens arrays and microspheres to waveplates and Micro PBS devices, our commitment to quality and performance, coupled with high power capabilities and a wide range of focal lengths, is unmatched. Elevate your optical experience with our expertise, seamlessly integrating miniaturization and optical excellence.

Microlens Arrays: 

These arrangements of tiny lenses find applications in optical microscopes, light field cameras, CCD arrays, 3D imaging, optical sensors, and LIDAR systems, facilitating various functionalities.

Microlens Arrays


Microspheres offer a practical solution for channeling light into or out of optical fibers and transmitting images within confined spaces. The inherent advantage of microspheres lies in their capability to achieve near-perfect coupling due to the exceptionally close proximity of their focal point to the sphere’s surface.


Micro Optics

Micro optics are exceptionally small optical systems, typically measuring from a few micrometers to a millimeter in size. These tiny optical components encompass a range of elements, including micro-scale optical fibers, mini diffractive optical elements, micro optical mirrors, lenses, prisms, and arrays of lenses.

Types of Micro Optics, microlens arrays, microspheres

Micro Waveplates :

Microwave plates, also known as microwave waveplates or microwave retarders, manipulate microwave radiation polarization. They’re made of anisotropic materials, changing refractive indices based on polarization. Microwave radiation passing through them undergoes a controllable phase shift, allowing precise polarization control. They are essential in telecommunications, radar, and scientific research for signal processing and analysis.

Micro Waveplates

Micro PBS:

Micro Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (Micro PBS) is a device designed to divide a laser beam into two distinct polarization beams. Typically employed in fiber optic communication systems, the Micro PBS serves as a fundamental element in various applications, including polarization management, polarization beam combining, and optical interleaving.

Micro Optics, PBS (Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter)

Micro Prism

Micro prisms are very small versions of optical prisms, typically 0.1-5mm in size, used with optical fibers, to direct light from one channel to another accurately. They are also used in photography as a focusing aid. At Avantier, we produce high performance custom microprisms and microsprismatic arrays.

Micro Prism

Glass capillaries

Glass capillaries are essential in laboratories for handling small liquid volumes, blood samples, microfluidics, and biological specimens. They are crucial for scientific progress due to their versatility and precision. Avantier’s capillary tubes balance pressure in insulated glass units during transportation, preventing seal weakening. We also produce borosilicate glass capillary tubes.

glass capillaries

At Avantier, we take great pride in maintaining the utmost standards in manufacturing and optical solutions. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise, we guarantee that our customers receive products characterized by unparalleled quality and performance. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver optimal optical solutions tailored to meet your distinct requirements. Contact us today to initiate a conversation about your optical needs and discover the ideal lens solution for your specific requirements.

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