Optical Lenses

Avantier provides a wide range of custom optical lenses: Achromatic, Acylindrical, Aspheric, Cylindrical, Spherical, IR, Microlens Arrays, Germanium, Rod, UV, and Fresnel Lenses. We incorporate advanced AR coatings across different spectra to ensure top-notch image quality and lasting durability for your optical lens solutions.

Achromatic Lenses: Avantier provides Achromatic Spherical and Aspherical lenses, along with singlets, doublets, and triplets, all optimized for top performance. We offer detailed inspection reports and Certificates of Conformance for each lens, ensuring high-quality standards are met.

Achromatic Lenses

Acylindrical Lenses: Correcting astigmatism, our Acylindrical Lenses significantly improve focus and image quality.

Acylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses: Unlike spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses have a cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape with one curved and one flat side. Thus, Their orientation impacts light transmission and focuses light into a line rather than a point, making them useful for applications requiring light shaping.

Cylindrical Lenses

Microlens Arrays: Arrangements of tiny lenses, such as those found in optical microscopes, light field cameras, CCD arrays, 3D imaging, optical sensors, and LIDAR systems, serve various functionalities. They play a crucial role in enabling diverse applications across these technologies. Each microlens focuses light into a single point, enhancing image resolution and sensor performance.

Microlens Arrays

Germanium Lenses: Avantier offers diverse germanium lenses with anti-reflection coatings, enhancing performance for thermal imaging and FTIR spectroscopy. High refractive index suits IR transmission, excelling in wide-angle imaging, even in tough environments.

Optical Lenses,, Infrared Germanium Aspheric Lenses

Rod Lenses: With substrate options like Schott glass, Ohara glass, and Corning Fused Silica, Avantier’s Rod Lenses meet strict quality control standards through state-of-the-art metrology equipment. Rod lenses are often used to collimate or focus light beams in various optical systems.

Rod Lenses

UV Lenses: Transmittance of UV light for fluorescence imaging and UV spectroscopy is facilitated by our reliable UV Lenses. These lenses are designed to handle high-energy UV light without degradation.

UV Lenses

Fresnel Lenses: A Fresnel lens is a compact optical lens designed to provide excellent light gathering ability in a lightweight package. Avantier produces custom Fresnel lenses for a wide variety of applications.

Optical Lenses, Fresnel Lenses

Minimizing Aberrations

Avantier’s lenses are meticulously crafted to minimize spherical aberration and chromatic aberrations. These occur when light rays passing through a lens do not converge at a single point, leading to a blurry image. Our achromatic lenses are specifically designed to reduce chromatic aberrations, ensuring sharp and clear images across different wavelengths. The choice of lens material plays a crucial role in determining the optical performance and durability of the lenses. In particular, various types of glass and fused silica are considered for this purpose. Avantier selects the appropriate material for each lens type to achieve optimal results.

Optical Lens Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and optical solutions.  Our manufacturing capability includes positive lenses that converge light rays and negative lenses that diverge them. Our expertise in the industry ensures that our customers receive products of unmatched quality and performance. Whether it’s Achromatic, Aspheric, Cylindrical, Spherical, IR, Microlens Arrays, Rod, UV, or Fresnel, we are committed to providing the best optical solutions for your unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your optical needs and find the perfect lens for your needs.

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