Germanium Lenses

Avantier takes pride in producing Germanium lenses, meticulously crafted from polished germanium. These optical marvels are specifically designed to thrive in challenging environments, demonstrating exceptional resilience against corrosion. Ideal for applications constantly exposed to the elements, Germanium lenses stand out for their durability and reliability.

Germanium Lenses, BD6 and Germanium , imaging systems, infrared optics
Germanium Lens
Germanium Lenses, BD6 and Germanium , imaging systems, infrared optics
Germanium Lens

Features of Germanium Lenses

Our Germanium lenses boast a range of features that set them apart. With a high refractive index, they claim the top spot among readily available IR transmitters, offering minimal chromatic aberration due to low dispersion. This makes them a preferred choice for infrared applications like FLIR and FTIR, as well as for thermal imaging systems and precision analytic instruments operating in harsh conditions. The unique ruggedness of Germanium, characterized by a Knoop hardness of 780 and a high density of 5.33 g/cm³, makes these lenses stand up to the demands of weight-sensitive systems. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, our Germanium lenses cater to all your optical needs. Whether you require spherical, plano-concave, p-convex, concave-convex, or aspheric lenses, we have the right solution for your specific application.

Light Sources and Optical Components

Germanium lenses are compatible with various light sources, including lasers and LEDs, ensuring optimal performance across different optical systems. They serve as essential optical components in high-precision systems, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Optical System Integration

These lenses are ideal for integration into advanced optical systems requiring high performance. Their versatility allows for seamless incorporation into systems designed for imaging, sensing, and analysis.

Thermal Imaging

Our lenses are suitable for applications including thermal imaging, providing high performance and reliability in diverse environments. The anti-reflection coatings enhance their efficiency, making them ideal for both infrared and thermal applications.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Avantier’s Germanium lenses come with a suite of capabilities to meet diverse optical needs. Customization is key, with options including spherical plano-concave, p-convex, concave-convex, and aspheric lenses, catering to a variety of applications. From beam divergence and focal length increase to collimation and focusing, each lens type serves a specific purpose. The lenses also feature anti-reflection coatings (AR coating), enhancing transmission up to 95%.

Lead Time and High Quality

We understand the importance of project timelines and offer a competitive lead time for all our Germanium lenses. Our commitment to high quality ensures that every lens meets stringent standards, providing reliable and consistent performance.


Our lenses are designed for exceptional performance in the infrared region, making them perfect for IR applications. Specifications, ranging from diameters of 5 mm to 350 mm, ensure that our lenses maintain precision with focal length tolerances of +/-1%, while surface flatness is maintained at λ/4 @ 633nm. This precision, combined with a 20-10 scratch dig surface quality post-coating, positions our Germanium lenses as a reliable choice for a wide range of laser applications.

Infrared Germanium Aspheric Lenses
Germanium Lens

Factory Standard

Substrate Material

Ge (Germanium)




Spherical Plano-Concave, P-Convex, Concave-Convex or Aspheric

Focal length


Surface Quality

20-10 (after coating)

Surface Figure

l/4 @ 633nm

Antireflection Coating

@ 3-12 um

Avantier Customization Options

Avantier provides an extensive selection of germanium lenses, complete with customization options designed to meet your precise requirements. Achieve exceptional optical performance for your demanding applications with Avantier’s germanium optics. Reach out to us today to discover our outstanding range of products.

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