Case Study: Long Working Distance Microscope Objective Lens
long working distance objectives infinite conjugated objectives 50X Microscope Objective Lens Microscope Objectives Objective Lens

Key Takeaways: The 50X long working distance microscope objective lens offers high magnification for clear visualization in biomedical and precision testing applications.  Its infinite conjugate design ensures compatibility with various microscopy systems. Specifically engineered for the near ultraviolet (NUV) band, it corrects for the 355nm wavelength, achieving 50% transmittance and excellent achromatic correction.  With a […]

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Case Study: High and Low Temperature Resistant 25X Objective Lens: High Imaging Quality & High-Resolution Performance
High and Low Temperature Resistant 25X Objective Lens

     Key Takeaways Avantier’s project introduces a custom-designed 25X objective lens for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer systems, specifically tailored for researching isotopes. Operating on the principle of charged particles deflected in an electromagnetic field, the lens facilitates precise substance separation and detection based on mass differences, enabling detailed composition analysis. Ensuring high resolution in […]

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Case Study – 20X Objective Lens & Tube Lens For Observing Blood
20X Objective Lens & Tube Lens For Observing Blood

     Key Takeaways This medical research project employs a 20X lens from Avantier for deep exploration of single-cell genetic expression and for immune profiling in human blood cells under a microscope.  The high magnification enables meticulous analysis, unveiling insights into genetic patterns, immune responses, and chromatin accessibility. This contributes to the advancement of  single-cell […]

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Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments

Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments with Wavelengths (350-850nm) in Medical Devices Introduction Avantier, a leading custom optics company, recently undertook a challenging project to design and produce objective lenses for a laser instrument used in a medical device. The client’s specific requirements included an effective focal length (EFL) of 10mm, numerical aperture (NA) of […]

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Case Study: Objective Lens Design
Optical Design, Custom optical design solutions, Optical Engineering, Custom Optical Lens Design

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Case Study: Objective Lens Design for Trapping and Imaging Single Atoms At Avantier we offer Design for Manufacturing (DFM services), optimizing product design with our extensive knowledge of manufacturing constraints, costs, and methods. Avantier Inc. received a request from a University Physics department to custom design a long working distance, high […]

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