Polygon-Shaped Prisms

A polygon-shaped prism is a three-dimensional geometric figure that has two polygonal bases. The rectangular or parallelogram faces connect the corresponding sides of the two bases, forming the side faces of the prism. These side faces contribute to the cross sections of the prism, representing the shapes obtained by slicing the three-dimensional object perpendicular to its base.

  • Triangular Prism: This prism features two triangular bases and three rectangular faces connecting the sides of the triangles. The side faces in this prism contribute to the total surface area, which can be found by summing the areas of these faces and the triangular bases.
  • Rectangular Prism: This is characterized by two rectangular bases and four rectangular faces connecting the sides of the rectangles. This type of prism, also known as a rectangular box, provides a more specific example of a prism with right-angled faces. The total surface area of the rectangular prism involves finding the sum of the areas of its six faces.
  • Pentagonal Prism: This prism has two pentagonal bases and five rectangular faces connecting the sides of the pentagons.
  • Hexagonal Prism: In this case, the prism has two hexagonal bases and six rectangular faces connecting the sides of the hexagons.

In summary, the geometric characteristics of prisms, such as the number of sides on their bases, the arrangement of faces, and the nature of their cross sections, contribute to the overall understanding of these three-dimensional figures.

Polygon-Shaped Prisms
Polygon-Shaped Prisms
Polygon-Shaped Prisms

Design Samples of Polygon-Shaped Prisms

Factory Standard


BK7 Grade A optical glass, Corning Fused Silica 7980,  JGS1, JGS2

Clear Aperture


Dimension Tolerance


Angle Tolerance

<5 arc minutes


l/4 l @ 632.8 nm

Surface Quality



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