Custom UV Bandpass Filters

Avantier produces UV bandpass filters that are specialized optical components designed to selectively transmit ultraviolet (UV) light within specific wavelength ranges while blocking out-of-band signals. Our UV bandpass filters transmit narrow spectral bands of ultraviolet radiation while filtering out wavelengths outside this range, spanning from X-ray to far infrared. These filters are critical in applications where precise UV light control is necessary. By tailoring the filters to exact specifications, customers can achieve optimal performance for their unique requirements.
UV Bandpass Filters

Key Features and Benefits of UV Bandpass Filters

  • Center Wavelength (CWL) Customization: Filters can be designed with specific center wavelengths (CWLs) to match the desired UV wavelength for an application. For example, PIXELTEQ provides customizable filters with CWLs ranging from 200 nm to 400 nm, ensuring precise wavelength selection. The indexing of refraction is a critical parameter in determining the exact CWL, as it affects how light is bent when passing through different materials.
  • Bandwidth (FWHM) Control: The Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) can be adjusted to achieve the desired bandwidth. Narrower bandwidths provide more selective wavelength filtering, essential for applications like fluorescence microscopy and UV spectroscopy. This control enhances the signal to noise ratio by reducing the interference from unwanted wavelengths.
  • High Transmission Efficiency: Custom filters are designed to provide high transmission efficiency, often exceeding 70%, ensuring maximum light throughput at the desired wavelength. This is crucial for applications where light intensity is a key factor. The term high transmission refers to the ability of the filter to allow a significant amount of UV light to pass through, which is vital for maintaining the effectiveness of the optical system.
  • Durability and Environmental Resistance: Made with multi-layer hard coatings, custom UV bandpass filters offer durability and resistance to fading or aging. They comply with standards such as MIL-STD-810H and MIL-PRF-13830B, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. The types include filters with various coatings that enhance durability against harsh conditions.
  • Optical Density (OD): Custom filters can be manufactured with specific optical densities to effectively block unwanted wavelengths, thus enhancing the purity and accuracy of the transmitted light. Optical density is a measure of how much light is attenuated by the filter, ensuring that only the desired wavelengths pass through.
Central wavelength : 214nm, FWHM:14±2nm, Peak Transmittance>10%, OD≥3@200-1200nm
Central wavelength:220nm, FWHM:14±2nm, Peak transmittance>12%, OD≥3@200-1200nm


  • Medical and Biological Research: Fluorescence Microscopy, DNA Analysis, Protein Studies, Pathogen Detection
  • Industrial Quality Control: Material Inspection, Component Testing, Automated systems
  • Environmental Monitoring: Air Quality Monitoring, Water Quality Analysis, Remote Sensing
  • Forensics and Law Enforcement: Crime Scene Investigation, Document Examination, Drug Detection
UV Bandpass Filters
UV Bandpass Filters

Customization Options

  • Bandpass Position and Width: Filters can be tailored to specific CWLs and bandwidths to match the exact requirements of an application. This customization ensures that the filter’s bandpass characteristics are optimized for the intended use.
  • Blocking Range and Level: Custom filters can be designed with specific blocking ranges and levels to optimize performance in various environments. UV bandpass filters are particularly important in specific applications where blocking out-of-band UV light is crucial.
  • Substrate, Size, and Shape: Filters can be customized in terms of substrate materials, sizes, and shapes to fit specific devices and applications. The types include different substrate materials that can affect the filter’s performance and durability.
  • Integrated Solutions: Custom UV bandpass filters can be combined with other types of filters, such as excitation filters, emission filters, and dichroic beamsplitters, to enhance the overall performance of optical systems. This integration ensures a comprehensive solution for specific applications that require precise UV light control.

Optimize Your Optical Systems with Custom UV Bandpass Filters

UV bandpass filters are indispensable in applications requiring precise control of UV light. By tailoring these filters to specific needs, users can achieve enhanced performance and accuracy in their optical systems. Avantier offers a wide range of customizable options to meet customers’ demands in various scientific, industrial, and medical applications.

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