What Is the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)?
Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

What Is the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)?  Understanding and Utilizing the Modulation Transfer Function in Optical System Design The Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) is a vital parameter used to assess the performance of optical systems, ranging from simple lenses to complex imaging lens assemblies. It serves as a standardized quantitative measure for optical designers and […]

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Case Study – LiDAR Lens Design
LiDAR Lens Design

Case Study – LiDAR Lens Design  Revolutionizing LiDAR Lens Design for Autonomous Driving with Avantier At Avantier, we take pride in our ability to meet the unique optical needs of our customers. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in optics is on display in a recent project, in which we partnered with a cutting-edge company […]

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Infrared Lens Advancements for Advanced Imaging

Key Takeaways Infrared camera lenses, crucial for thermal imaging, optimize performance based on focal length and the specific infrared lens wavelength range. Lenses are made from infrared-transparent materials like germanium, silicon, and zinc selenide, providing unique optical properties. Focal length is critical; longer lengths enhance long-range detection, while shorter lengths offer a wider field of […]

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