Avantier, a leading provider of precision optical solutions, offers a wide range of high-quality optical mirrors meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of industries such as Life Sciences, astronomy, metrology, and solar engineering. With a commitment to excellence, Avantier specializes in the production of custom-made optical mirrors designed to efficiently reflect light, enabling enhanced performance in various applications.

Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors (OAP Mirrors):
Avantier’s Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors (OAP Mirrors) are engineered to direct light at an angle, allowing for improved performance in applications requiring precise focusing and collimation. These mirrors offer exceptional optical performance, making them ideal for applications such as laser beam steering, focusing, and imaging systems.

Stock Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors, Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors

Aspheric mirrors:
Avantier’s aspheric mirrors are optical mirrors with non-spherical shapes used to correct spherical aberration in high-stakes optical systems. They can replace complex designs based on spherical elements and vary in their deviation from spherical profiles, depending on the application.

Aspheric mirrors

Convex Spherical Mirrors:
Avantier is a reputable manufacturer of convex spherical mirrors, offering various sizes and focal lengths for imaging applications. They use high-quality materials like BK7, Corning Fused Silica 7980, and JGS1, with a different reflective coating for specific spectra. Quality is ensured through advanced metrology equipment.

Convex Spherical Mirrors

Right Angle Mirrors:
A Right Angle Mirror, or turning mirror, reflects light at a 90-degree angle. Made of BK7 glass, it’s coated with aluminum, silver, or gold for various wavelengths. Commonly used in precise optical systems and compact waveguide devices. Factory standards ensure high quality. Customization available with design support.

Right Angle Mirrors

Precision Reflectors:
Avantier offers custom Precision Reflectors for laser concentration, imaging, and light enhancement with various applications. They feature polished, coated surfaces, standard sizes, and high customizability.

Precision Reflectors

Spherical Mirrors:
Avantier specializes in manufacturing spherical mirrors, offering custom solutions and adhering to strict factory standards such as spherical tolerance and surface quality.

Spherical Mirrors

IR Mirrors:
Avantier’s IR Mirrors are specifically designed to reflect infrared light, enabling efficient heat control and thermal management. These optical mirrors are crucial in applications such as thermal imaging, IR spectroscopy, and laser systems where precise reflection and transmission of infrared radiation are essential.

IR Mirror

Ultra-Broadband Metallic Mirrors:
Avantier offers precision Ultra-Broadband Metallic Mirrors with high reflectance, visible range optimization, wide-angle performance, and coating options (Aluminum, Silver, Gold). These mirrors suit various optical applications due to tailored specifications and manufacturing expertise.

Ultra-Broadband Metallic Mirrors

Silicon Carbide Mirrors:
SiC mirrors are ideal for telescopes and space applications, made via reaction bonding, sintering, or CVD. Avantier specializes in custom SiC mirrors with various options.

Silicon Carbide Mirrors

Copper and Aluminum Mirrors:
Copper and Aluminum mirrors play an important role in many optical systems. At Avantier, we produce high performance copper and aluminum mirrors for a wide range of applications.

Copper and Aluminum Mirrors

High Reflectivity Mirrors:
Avantier offers high reflectivity supermirrors for laser applications, including laser line and broad band mirrors. They use specialized manufacturing techniques, including cavity ring down spectroscopy, to achieve precise reflectivity levels exceeding 99.5%.

High Reflectivity Mirrors

Precision large-sized reflector substrates:

Precision large-sized reflector substrates refer to high-quality, accurately manufactured surfaces that are used as reflective elements in optical systems. These substrates are designed to efficiently reflect light or other electromagnetic radiation with minimal distortion or loss, and they are used in a variety of applications

Precision Large-Sized Reflector Substrates

Dichroic mirrors:
Avantier excels in crafting top-tier dichroic mirrors, meeting the highest quality and precision standards. These advanced optical components, also known as dual-band mirrors or dichroic reflectors, display distinct properties at two wavelengths, enabling efficient separation of light in various optical devices.

Dichroic mirror

Laser Line Mirrors:
Avantier’s Laser Line Mirrors are expertly designed to reflect a specific laser wavelength while efficiently transmitting other wavelengths. These optical mirrors exhibit high reflectivity at the desired laser wavelength, making them indispensable in applications such as laser diode systems, laser scanning, and beam delivery systems.

Laser Line Mirrors

Hot and Cold Mirrors:
Avantier’s Hot and Cold Mirrors efficiently control heat and light in various applications. Hot Mirrors reflect visible light and transmit infrared radiation, suitable for lighting systems and optical instruments. Cold Mirrors reflect infrared light and transmit visible light, valuable in stage lighting, microscopy, and solar energy applications.

Hot and Cold Mirrors

Concave Mirrors:
Avantier’s Concave Mirrors possess a curved surface that converges incoming light rays, enabling them to focus light to a specific point. These optical mirrors find applications in laser cavities, optical systems requiring beam manipulation, and imaging systems that demand precise light control and focusing.

Concave Mirrors

Convex Mirrors:
Avantier’s Convex Mirrors feature a curved surface that diverges incoming light, providing a wider field of view and creating virtual images. These optical mirrors find applications in industries such as automotive, security, and surveillance systems, where a broad perspective is crucial for monitoring and detection.

Convex Mirrors

Metallic Mirrors:
Metallic mirrors are metal coated optical mirrors that provide broadband reflections and low chromatic dispersion. At Avantier, we produce custom metallic mirrors for LWIR lasers,  infrared optics and other broadband applications.

Metallic Mirrors

Broadband Dielectric Mirrors:
They provide high reflectance over a broad wavelength range. These optical mirrors consist of multiple thin layers of different transparent optical materials, carefully engineered for specific optical properties.  At Avantier, we produce high-performance custom broadband electric mirrors. 

Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

At Avantier, we pride ourselves on our advanced machinery and meticulous manufacturing processes, allowing us to create optical mirrors with highly polished surfaces that maximize light reflection. Our team of experts collaborates closely with customers to understand their specific requirements, ensuring that our optical mirrors are tailored to their wavelength ranges and angles for optimal performance.

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