Avantier Large Prism

Materials for Precision Optics

Avantier’s Large Prism, available in various materials including glass, metal, crystal, and plastic, offers a versatile range of solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of diverse applications. The choice of material for a prism plays a pivotal role, directly influencing the performance and reliability of the optical system in which it is employed.

Large Size Prism, Large Prism
Large Prism

Optimal Performance Specifications

With glass as the preferred material, Avantier’s Large Prism offers dimensions spanning from 1 to 500mm. It boasts an exceptional front surface flatness of 1/20λ and an impressive surface quality rating of 10-5. Furthermore, it features a highly reflective coating with an outstanding reflectance of 99.90%. Glass prisms are renowned for their optical clarity and exceptional transmittance properties, rendering them an optimal choice for applications such as spectroscopy, beam splitting, and dispersion.

The metal variant of Avantier’s Large Prism, maintaining identical size dimensions, offers a front surface flatness of 1/4λ and a surface quality rated at 20-10. It also incorporates a highly reflective coating with a reflectance of 99.90%. Metal prisms are highly esteemed for their durability and thermal stability, making them an ideal choice for applications involving high-intensity laser systems, where maintaining optical performance under extreme conditions is of paramount importance.

For those who prioritize precision, the crystal variant of Avantier’s Large Prism stands out. Available in dimensions ranging from 3 to 200mm, it boasts a front surface flatness of 1/10λ, and its surface quality is rated at 20-10. The highly reflective coating with 99.90% reflectance ensures optimal performance in critical applications such as interferometry and high-resolution imaging.

In contrast, the plastic variant, with dimensions ranging from 3 to 100mm, offers a more cost-effective alternative. It features a front surface flatness of 1/2λ and a surface quality rated at 60-40. While plastic prisms may not match the optical purity of glass or crystal prisms, they find their niche in applications that do not require the highest level of precision. They are frequently utilized in educational settings, prototyping, and other scenarios where budget considerations are paramount.

Avantier’s Large Prism excels in front surface flatness and surface quality specifications, underscoring its commitment to delivering precision optics. These characteristics are vital for minimizing optical aberrations, ensuring accurate refraction or reflection of light, and preserving the integrity of the final image or measurement.

A noteworthy feature shared across all variants of Avantier’s Large Prism is the highly reflective coating. With a remarkable reflectance of 99.90%, this coating significantly enhances the efficiency of these prisms in directing or manipulating light. This makes them well-suited for applications where conserving light is crucial, such as in laser systems or in high-intensity light sources.

Tailored Solutions for Varied Applications

In conclusion, Avantier’s Large Prism stands as a versatile and indispensable component in the field of optics. Its availability in multiple materials, each with specific advantages, enables tailored solutions across a wide range of applications. Whether one requires optical clarity with glass, durability with metal, precision with crystal, or cost-effectiveness with plastic, Avantier’s Large Prism consistently delivers reliable optical performance. With top-notch specifications, including front surface flatness and surface quality, combined with its highly reflective coating, it has become a trusted choice for scientists, engineers, and researchers who are advancing the frontiers of optical technology.

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