LWIR Lenses

Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) Lenses are infrared lenses optimized for use in the 8000–12000nm range, which falls within the long wave infrared wavelength. At Avantier, we not only provide in-stock Long-Wave Infrared Lenses but also specialize in custom LWIR lens solutions tailored to precisely match our customers’ specifications.

Unveil the Potential of LWIR Lenses: Elevating Long-Wave Infrared Imaging Innovations

Step into a realm beyond human vision, where thermal radiation reveals its hidden secrets. Introducing LWIR Lenses – the linchpin of a technological revolution that Avantier has pioneered. As a leader in high-performance LWIR lenses, Avantier empowers industries with cutting-edge imaging capabilities, transforming fields from medicine to security and defense. With unrivaled optical excellence and groundbreaking manufacturing, Avantier is reshaping the future of LWIR imaging.

Custom LWIR Lens Solutions
Long Wave Infrared Lenses, IWIR Lenses
Decoding the Enigma of LWIR Lenses

Explore the unseen with Long Wave Infrared radiation, spanning 8000 to 12000 nanometers. Avantier’s lenses bring this invisible world to light, unveiling vital thermal clues across diverse applications. From manufacturing quality control to predictive maintenance, these lenses bridge gaps in traditional imaging, enabling precise thermal analysis and early equipment malfunction detection.

Elevating Security and Defense

In the world of security and defense, Avantier’s LWIR Lenses are indispensable. They power thermal imaging systems that pierce through obscurity, enhancing situational awareness and enabling clear surveillance. Avantier lenses detect hidden threats and gas leaks, ensuring safety and strategic advantage. A trusted partner in defense technology, Avantier empowers security professionals to safeguard lives and assets.

Medical Insights Revealed

LWIR technology meets medical science, revolutionizing diagnostics. Avantier LWIR Lenses detect cellular-level temperature changes, enabling non-invasive identification of abnormalities. From breast cancer to brain tumors, Avantier lenses empower medical practitioners to transform patient care and diagnosis.

Trusted Excellence

Avantier’s dedication to excellence is evident in every lens. Rigorous in-house testing ensures optimal performance, surpassing customer specifications. With ISO 9001 certification, Avantier guarantees the highest manufacturing standards, providing assurance and peace of mind.

Tailored Solutions Unleashed

Recognizing diverse needs, Avantier offers a range of LWIR lenses, from manual to motorized options. Focal lengths and interface choices offer flexibility, while bespoke lenses, designed collaboratively, optimize performance for specific applications. Avantier empowers you to choose the perfect material – from Germanium to Chalcogenide – for ultimate thermal imaging precision.

Redefined Precision: LWIR Zoom Lenses

Avantier’s precision extends to LWIR zoom lenses, delivering unparalleled resolution across the entire zoom range. Ideal for demanding machine vision applications, these lenses redefine detail and accuracy, enabling unprecedented levels of imagery.

Factory Standards
  • In-Stock Options: Choose from manual focus, fixed focus, and motorized LWIR lenses.
  • Focal Length Range: Available focal lengths in our shelf stock range from 3.8 to 250.
  • Interface Versatility: Interface options include M34x0.5, M45x1, M34x0.5, M34x0.75, c-mount, and flange, among others.
  • Varied Back Working Distance: Back working distance ranges from 13.3 to 61.26.
  • Germanium Excellence: Germanium offers durability, inert chemical properties, and high Knoop hardness. Ideal for abrasive environments, but watch for thermal drift and defocus under temperature change.
  • Stable Focusing with ZnSe: For temperature-sensitive applications, consider ZnSe LWIR lenses for stable focusing over temperature changes.
  • Chalcogenide Glass Brilliance: Chalcogenide glasses excel in transmitting midwave-infrared (MWIR) and LWIR, making them perfect for thermal imaging.

Our long-wave infrared zoom lenses deliver a clear and high-resolution image across the entire zoom range, making them perfect for machine vision tasks that demand intricate and precise imagery. We offer both discrete and continuous zoom lens options to cater to various application needs.

Custom LWIR Lens Solutions

Avantier’s relentless pursuit of excellence drives the evolution of LWIR Lenses. With Avantier, the invisible becomes visible, and the unknown becomes understood. Elevate your innovation journey with Avantier Custom LWIR lens Solutions – where boundaries of perception are redefined. Contact Avantier today and embark on a transformative Custom LWIR Lenses imaging experience.

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