TriOptics MTF Test Stations

Avantier MTF (the Modulation Transfer Function) is a new and innovative entrant in the field of MTF measurement technology, offering state-of-the-art solutions for evaluating the imaging performance of optical systems. Similar to modern MTF Testers like the ImageMaster®, Avantier MTF employs a measuring system that utilizes a single illuminated slit on an opaque background as the object for MTF testing.

From a mathematical standpoint, Avantier MTF uses Fourier synthesis, treating the single slit as a sum over all spatial frequencies to calculate the MTF curve. Each spatial frequency contributes to the slit with the same amplitude (=1), and through this process, Avantier MTF can assess the modulation transfer function (MTF) of the sample. However, it takes into account factors such as diffraction and aberrations, which result in broadening the slit image, represented by the Line Spread Function (LSF).

The Fourier analysis of the Line Spread Function enables Avantier MTF to determine the contribution of each spatial frequency to the LSF, and the amplitude of each frequency corresponds to the contrast at that specific frequency. This comprehensive analysis of the MTF testing process allows Avantier MTF to provide accurate and reliable results for evaluating image quality and optical performance.

To cater to various imaging systems and applications, Avantier MTF offers versatile options for its target objects, allowing users to choose between a single slit, a cross (two perpendicular slits) for simultaneous two-directional MTF measurement, or a pinhole target, which provides information about the Point Spread Function (PSF) containing complete MTF information in all image directions.

The measuring system of Avantier MTF accommodates MTF measurements at a single wavelength or within a spectral range covering a finite band of wavelengths, providing monochromatic or polychromatic MTF values, respectively. This flexibility ensures accurate assessments of image quality across different optical systems and under varying conditions.

Moreover, Avantier MTF acknowledges the significance of pixel resolution and high resolution in modern imaging technologies. It focuses on addressing challenges related to smartphone camera optics, under-display camera technology, and lens design to deliver cutting-edge measurement technologies that meet the demands of the industry.

In pursuit of providing comprehensive solutions for image quality testing, Avantier MTF also recognizes the importance of both on-axis and off-axis MTF measurements. On-axis measurement involves testing the MTF along the axis of symmetry, while off-axis measurement is carried out by moving the target in the image plane and adjusting the image analyzer accordingly. This approach ensures a thorough evaluation of optical systems, capturing performance characteristics at various spatial frequencies and cut-off frequencies.

With a commitment to technological leadership, Avantier MTF aims to contribute significantly to the production of future mobile phone camera lenses and photolithographic optics. Its advanced MTF measurement capabilities facilitate a better understanding of the behavior of optical systems at higher spatial frequencies, providing invaluable insights into image quality and helping researchers and engineers in designing and optimizing optical systems.

The Avantier Metrology service using TriOptics MTF Test Station is a cutting-edge testing system designed to evaluate the imaging performance of optical systems. Using the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) principle, this station objectively and quantitatively assesses the resolution and quality of lenses. By analyzing the relative image contrast divided by relative object contrast, it calculates the MTF at various spatial frequencies and field of view positions. The system employs advanced techniques like Fourier analysis, utilizing single slits, crosses, or pinholes as test targets to determine the MTF accurately. Whether in finite-finite or infinite-finite imaging conditions, the Avantier Metrology service provides crucial data for optical and systems designers, enabling them to predict and compare the performance of optical systems effectively. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule a free consultation or request for a quote on your next project.


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