Laser Aspheric Lenses

Laser Aspheric Lenses, offered by Avantier, meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of cutting-edge optical applications and to eliminate almost all spherical aberration. With a diameter of 75mm and a thickness of 35.5mm, this lens is a powerhouse of optical performance. Crafted from high-quality H-K9L material, it ensures exceptional clarity and durability for a wide range of laser applications. Unlike a spherical lens, the curvature changes with the distance from the optical axis.

Laser Aspheric Lenses, aspheric laser lenses
Laser Aspheric Lenses, aspheric laser lenses

Laser Aspheric Lenses


  • Laser Aspheric Lenses Features Precision in Every Detail: The Laser Aspheric Lens boasts a surface quality of 60-40, ensuring impeccable clarity and minimizing optical aberrations. This level of precision is essential for applications where image quality is paramount.
  • Spot Sizes: The laser aspheric lenses are designed to produce minimal spot sizes, ensuring high precision and accuracy in focusing laser beams. This is particularly important for applications requiring fine detail and minimal diffraction.
  • Imaging Performance: With its superior design and material quality, the lens offers excellent imaging performance, capturing sharp and clear images. This is crucial for scientific and industrial applications where image fidelity is critical.
  • Light Rays: The unique aspheric design effectively manages light rays, reducing spherical aberration and enhancing the focus and directionality of the laser beam. This precise control over light propagation is essential for high-performance optical systems.
  • Optical Excellence: Achieve unparalleled optical accuracy with a surface accuracy of PV<λ/2@633nm. This means that the lens delivers superior performance by minimizing deviations from the ideal shape, resulting in sharp and focused laser beams.
  • Material Innovation: Engineered from H-K9L, a high-quality optical glass material, the lens combines excellent transmission characteristics with robustness. This ensures not only superior optical performance but also long-lasting reliability in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Surface roughness: The Laser Aspheric Lens features a surface roughness of Ra<12 nm, guaranteeing smooth and flawless surfaces. This attribute is crucial for minimizing light scattering and ensuring precise laser beam control.
  • Coatings: Lenses are available with anti-reflection coatings or in uncoated forms, in glass, crystalline, or plastic substrates. State of the art grinding and polishing equipment, including computer-controlled precision polishing devices and magneto-rheological finishing (MRF) technology, enables us to ensure that the surface quality is optimized for your application.

Factory Standard







Surface Quality


Surface Accuracy


Surface Roughness

Ra<12 nm

Aspheric Surface Metrology

Profilometry (2D & 3D) & Interferometry

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