Micro Prism For Precise Light Manipulation Case Study

Key Takeaways: The micro prism optical component focuses on developing micro prism lenses for precise light manipulation in optical systems. Micro prisms, made of materials like glass or plastics, are crucial in imaging devices, laser systems, and sensors.  The project’s goals include creating high-precision lenses compatible with diverse optical setups, optimizing manufacturing for quality and […]

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Case Study: Custom C-Lens with 1.8mm diameter
Custom C-Lens, 1.8mm DIA, Medical Device

Key Takeaways: Avantier specializes in manufacturing high-performance custom C-lenses and D-lenses for fiber optics applications, offering advantages like: cost-effectiveness, minimal insertion loss, and a wide operational distance range.  Our expertise ensures consistent, high-quality products which are tailored for diverse environments. Avantier successfully navigated challenges in microscale manufacturing, material selection, surface quality control, and cost-effective mass […]

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