Key Takeaways:

  • Avantier’s innovative approach to developing custom high NA long working distance objective lens for a microscope manufacturer showcased their commitment to efficiency and innovation.
  • By using a Fused Silica chamber filled with liquid instead of traditional glass, they minimized costs and reduced the product’s footprint, making it more compact than competitors.
  • This solution not only met the client’s requirements for simultaneous use with multiple lenses but also demonstrated Avantier’s dedication to exceeding client expectations through transparent evaluation and adaptable system design.

Case Study: High NA Objective Lens

Avantier’s Innovative Approach to Custom High NA Long Working Distance Objective Lens for Microscope Manufacturer

  • Avantier, a custom optic company, addressed a microscope manufacturer’s challenge by developing a custom high NA long working distance objective.
  • Their innovative approach included the use of a Fused Silica chamber filled with liquid instead of a traditional block of glass.  
  • This solution efficiently translated optimization processes, resulting in cost reduction and minimizing the product’s footprint.  
  • The end product became more compact than competitors, showcasing Avantier’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.  
  • Avantier’s transparent project evaluation and adaptable system design demonstrated their dedication to exceeding client expectations.  
  • The solution also addressed specific requirements for simultaneous use with multiple lenses, enhancing its versatility.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading microscope manufacturer seeking a custom solution for a high Numerical Aperture (NA) long working distance water and oil immersion objective. The specific requirements included a magnification of 5X, high NA, and a compact size suitable for simultaneous use with multiple lenses.

Client Challenge

The primary challenge our client faced was the need for a custom objective that could seamlessly integrate with light-sheet illumination systems. The objective had to be mechanically and optically matched to the imaging objective, and the small size was critical due to the simultaneous operation of multiple lenses.

Avantier’s Approach

  • Project Evaluation: Avantier initiated the project by thoroughly evaluating the tolerance of the objective in its real-world operating environment. This information was shared with the customer for independent review, highlighting the transparency in our processes.
  • Innovative Design: Recognizing the complexity of the requirements, our engineering teams proposed a unique solution. They designed the use of a Fused Silica chamber filled with liquid, using a block of glass as a substitute for liquid behind a Fused Silica window. This approach aimed to seamlessly translate the optimization process from air to the intended end use of the objective in a liquid.
  • Practical Implementation: The suggested solution of using a block of glass behind a Fused Silica window provided a practical and feasible method to achieve the project objectives. This approach allowed for easier adjustments and optimizations, enhancing the adaptability of the system to the client’s needs.


  • Cost Reduction: Avantier’s innovative approach successfully reduced costs associated with the manufacturing process. The use of a block of glass as a substitute for liquid proved to be a cost-effective solution without compromising the performance of the objective.
  • Compact Design: One of the major achievements of this project was the significant reduction in product footprint. Avantier successfully minimized the size of the custom objective, making it smaller than all other products in the same category. This compact design met the client’s requirement for a small-sized objective suitable for simultaneous use with multiple lenses.
High NA Long Distance Objective Lens
Lens Design of Magnification of 5X with High NA


Avantier’s collaborative and innovative approach not only addressed the specific challenges outlined by the microscope manufacturer but also provided a cost-effective and compact solution. The successful implementation of the proposed design showcased our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations while maintaining the highest standards of performance and adaptability.

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