Large Optical Domes

Introducing Avantier’s Large Optical Domes

Avantier’s Large Optical Domes represent a groundbreaking advancement in optical design and protective technology. These specialized optical structures boast strong curvature, often resembling half-spheres, while also offering custom shapes to meet various requirements. Available in a range of sizes, including diameters exceeding 300 mm, these domes provide architects and engineers with a diverse array of possibilities.

One standout feature of Avantier’s Large Optical Domes is their capacity to selectively transmit specific wavelengths of light. Some are meticulously designed to exclusively allow visible light to pass through, making them ideal for applications like camera systems. Crafted from premium optical glass materials such as BK7 or fused silica, these domes ensure exceptional optical clarity. For applications necessitating ultraviolet light transmission, specialized glass domes, such as those made from UV-grade fused silica, are readily available. In cases where considerations like weight, impact resistance, or cost-effectiveness are paramount, acrylic domes and other plastic optics offer a viable alternative.

In contrast, Avantier offers optical domes tailored for operation in the infrared spectrum, serving applications such as heat-seeking missiles and thermal imaging systems. To withstand the unique challenges presented by the infrared spectrum, materials renowned for their durability, such as sapphire, are employed. Additional options, some capable of accommodating longer wavelengths, include zinc selenide, germanium, silicon, and certain ceramics.

Avantier’s Large Optical Domes excel in terms of versatility in viewing directions. They can be designed in the form of a half-sphere with a detector at the center, ensuring that incident light follows a normal path onto the dome’s surface. This design minimizes beam deflection, making it ideal for the application of high-performance anti-reflection coatings, particularly advantageous for a wide range of viewing angles.

Large Optical Domes
Large Optical Domes

Large optical domes with D180mm (compare the size to the size of the coin)

Protective Domes for Delicate Systems

One primary application of Avantier’s Large Optical Domes lies in safeguarding sensitive optical systems. For example, in the aviation industry, optical sensors integrated into LIDAR systems, mounted on aircraft, require robust protective domes capable of withstanding the impact of sand, hail, or even bird strikes at high velocities. The ability to maintain optical clarity while providing protection in harsh environmental conditions is of paramount importance.

Similarly, submarines and underwater camera and video systems rely on Avantier’s Large Optical Domes to endure the high pressures of underwater environments. These protective domes serve as a barrier against water ingress while facilitating high-quality optical transmission for imaging systems.

Balancing Protection and Optical Performance

In these protective applications, certain trade-offs are inevitable in order to strike a balance between safeguarding sensitive optical equipment and maintaining optimal optical performance. The challenging operational conditions may limit the potential to achieve exceptionally high optical quality on the exterior surface of the domes.

To maximize durability, some Avantier’s Large Optical Domes are equipped with diamond-like hard carbon coatings, enhancing scratch resistance and longevity. Furthermore, a variety of coatings are offered for optical domes, including durable anti-reflection coatings, infrared filter coatings, and metalized coatings, all tailored to specific application requirements.

Some Avantier’s Large Optical Domes incorporate special mechanical features for precise mounting and sealing, further ensuring the integrity of the protected optical system. In essence, these optical domes represent a fusion of architectural vision and protective technology, redefining the possibilities in both fields.

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