Avantier’s Precise Optical Windows

Optical windows, composed of optically transparent materials, are designed as flat plates to facilitate the passage of light into optical instruments. They also serve the purpose of shielding a light source from external environmental factors.

These specialized windows are meticulously crafted to minimize both reflection and absorption while maximizing the transmission of light within a specific wavelength range. When selecting an optical window, it is essential to consider factors such as optical surface quality, material transparency characteristics, and the mechanical attributes required for your specific application.

Avantier offers a comprehensive range of optical windows manufactured in our cutting-edge facility. Our capabilities extend to crafting both large-scale optical windows and micro windows suitable for nano-sized optical assemblies. With a diverse selection of optical substrates at your disposal, our in-house design team is poised to precisely tailor your order to meet your exact specifications.

BK7 Windows: A BK7 Window is an optical window made of high quality Schott glass.  These windows have excellent optical quality, and feature uniform transmission in the visible as well as into the near-infrared. Our BK7 Windows have a very high refractive index homogeneity and a clear, almost colorless appearance.

CaF2 Windows: A CaF2 window is an optical window made of crystalline calcium fluoride. These windows are versatile, environmentally stable and resistant to laser damage, and they exhibit a high, stable transmission from 200 nm to about 7 μm.

Fused Silica Windows: Fused silica windows are an excellent choice for demanding applications where precision and clear transmittance are key. Avantier’s Fused silica windows feature low bulk scatter and autofluorescence and are available with very high surface quality and parallelism.

MgF2 Windows: MgF2 exhibits excellent broadband transmission from 120 nm to 8 μm, from the deep UV to the mid-infrared. This makes them a good choice for UV radiation sources and receivers as well as for use at the Hydrogen Lyman-alpha line. They are often used as UV viewpoints, and are a good option for UV polarizers and excimer laser applications.

Sapphire Windows: Avantier uses single crystal to manufacture high quality sapphire windows and precision optical components, and because of sapphire’s high mechanical strength we are able to make these optical windows much thinner and with better transmittance than other dielectric windows.

Metalized Sapphire Windows: Metallized sapphire windows feature metallized edge surfaces which allow the windows to be soldered or bonded directly into an opto-electronic assembly, creating a hermetic seal. Since sapphire windows can better withstand harsh environments, these metalized windows are especially useful for chemical and plasma sanitation applications.

Fused Quartz Windows: Fused quartz windows have excellent optical quality, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and transmission over 80% at a wavelength range of 260nm to 2500nm. Fused quartz is harder than glass and can be used at temperatures up to 1050°C.

At Avantier, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards in manufacturing and optical solutions. Our expertise in the industry ensures that our customers receive products of unmatched quality and performance. We are committed to providing the best optical solutions for your unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your optical needs and find the perfect windows for your requirements.


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