Key Takeaways

  • Avantier specializes in precision-crafted customized large optics, including Large OAP Mirrors, meeting unique project needs with custom optics solutions.
  • Rising demand for large optics reflects the need for custom solutions beyond off-the-shelf products.
  • Avantier prioritizes precision in crafting large optics, ensuring meticulous surface accuracy and quality.
  • Avantier utilizes advanced technology like robotic polishing to guarantee precise custom optics production.
  • Despite challenges, Avantier’s commitment to excellence results in customer satisfaction, delivering precise and innovative custom optics solutions. 

Customized Large Optics by Avantier: Meeting Unique Needs with Precision and Quality

In the ever-evolving world of optical technology, the demand for customized large optics has been on the rise. Many customers seek tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements, which often cannot be met with off-the-shelf products. Avantier, a leading name in the field of custom optical solutions, recently undertook a challenging project that exemplifies our commitment to excellence.

Large OAP Mirrors: Custom Solutions for Unique Optical Needs

A customer approached Avantier with a specific set of needs that could not be fulfilled by readily available stock optics. They required 400mm large prisms for an application in which they exposed red, green, and blue lasers into the prisms and recorded holograms. Additionally, the customer required 250mm and 400mm diameter large off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors for research and development studies in their laboratory. The need for these large optics was driven by the distinct nature of their projects and the unavailability of suitable off-the-shelf components.

Addressing the Customer’s Problems through Customization

The customer encountered significant challenges in finding a supplier who could undertake the customization of these large optics. Many optical manufacturers are not equipped to handle such intricate and oversized components. Avantier, however, proved to be the solution. 

Customized Large Optics , large optics, precision, custom optics, Large OAP Mirrors
This photo is a set of OAP Mirrors samples and differs from the one manufactured for the actual project.

Meeting the Unique Requirements

For both the large prisms and large OAP mirrors, the surface accuracy and quality were of paramount importance. Achieving high levels of precision and quality in oversized custom optics is notoriously challenging. Avantier recognized the unique specifications and requirements of the customer and committed to delivering optics that would meet and exceed their expectations.

Avantier’s Approach to Meeting the Requirements

Creating customized large optics with exceptional surface quality and accuracy was a formidable task. The production team at Avantier invested a substantial amount of time in polishing the components, employing slow and precise polishing techniques to ensure that the stringent specifications were met. The attention to detail was a fundamental aspect of Avantier’s approach, and the results speak for themselves.

Exclusive Specifications and Emphasis at Avantier

To tackle the challenge of polishing oversized optics with precision, Avantier leveraged a special robotic polishing machine. This cutting-edge technology allowed them to achieve the exacting surface quality and accuracy required by the customer. The use of this innovative machine underlines Avantier’s commitment to staying at the forefront of optical manufacturing technology.

Customized Large Optics , large optics, precision, custom optics, Large OAP Mirrors
Key parameters of an off-axis parabolic mirror

Customer Satisfaction and Accomplishments

While the journey to delivering the custom optics was not without its bumps, Avantier’s dedication shone through. One of the OAP mirrors initially had a surface accuracy quality assurance issue upon delivery, which was discovered during inspection. However, rather than leaving the customer in a lurch, Avantier promptly addressed the concern. The production team reworked the optics to the customer’s satisfaction, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.

The ultimate testament to Avantier’s capabilities came from the customer directly. Despite the initial hiccup, they expressed great satisfaction with the quality and performance of the custom optics. This highlights the effectiveness of Avantier’s solution and our commitment to delivering precisely what our customers need.

In conclusion, Avantier’s successful undertaking of this project illustrates our ability to cater to the unique needs of the customers in the field of customized large optics. The commitment to precision, quality, and the utilization of cutting-edge technology sets Avantier apart as a trusted partner in the world of optics. This project showcases our dedication to delivering excellence and our capability to meet the most challenging optical requirements.

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