Key Takeaways

  • Double-Convex Aspheric lens designed for diverse light, especially underwater. 
  • Tailored optical system for > 500mm wavelengths. Petite <3mm double-convex lenses crafted in N-BK7 or N-SF11. Achieved <10mm underwater focus, breaking norms. 
  • Precision engineering for <3mm diameter using CNC grinding, glass molding, diamond turning, MRF finishing, and injection molding. 
  • Tested underwater with varied equipment and light sources, no coatings applied. 
  • Innovative breakthrough for underwater precision. Deviation from norms highlights Avantier’s excellence.


Under Water Double-Convex Aspheric Lens

In the realm of Double-Convex Aspheric lenses, this project represents a groundbreaking development. This case study delves into the evolution of an improved Double-Convex Aspheric lens, custom-designed to cater to customer needs across different wavelengths, especially in underwater scenarios. The initial version served as the starting point, and through meticulous refinements, our goal is to enhance the lens’s performance to better meet the demands of different light source applications in diverse environmental conditions and wavelengths.

Underwater, Double-Convex Aspheric Lens
Sample Image of Double Convex Aspheric Lenses

Project Overview

The focal point of this project involves crafting an optical system tailored to the customer’s specifications, with wavelengths exceeding 500mm, and featuring exceptionally petite double-convex aspheric lenses (diameters less than 3mm). To enhance performance, we implemented designs using N-BK7 or N-SF11, capitalizing on the distinctive properties of these materials. Notably, our design diverges, contributed by cost reduction through the use of N-BK7 or N-SF11, from conventional approaches to double-convex aspheric lenses. Ultimately, we effectively fulfilled the customer’s demands, achieving an underwater focus of less than 10mm.

Underwater, Double-Convex Aspheric Lens
Double Convex Aspheric Lens
Underwater, Double-Convex Aspheric Lens
Double Convex Aspheric Lens

Aspheric Lens Manufacturing and Testing

Due to the extremely small diameter of this lens (less than 3mm), the requirements for precision engineering and specialized techniques are exceptionally high. Avantier has optimized the manufacturing process, encompassing various methods such as CNC grinding and polishing, precision glass molding, diamond turning, magneto-rheological (MRF) finishing, and plastic injection molding. Avantier leverages different manufacturing technologies and their expertise to successfully achieve the desired results in meeting the unique requirements of the customers. Given the unique nature of this project, where the emitted light is in water, Avantier employs various equipment and light sources for testing and opts not to apply coatings.



This project on the enhanced Double-Convex Aspheric lens signifies an innovative breakthrough in optical technology. This Double-Convex Aspheric Lens is challenging to manufacture, and it proves durable for underwater use. Tailored for diverse environments, especially underwater, and meeting various wavelength requirements, the lens demonstrates innovation in design and precision manufacturing. By deviating from conventional approaches and optimizing for customer needs, we successfully fulfilled the customer’s requirements, with specifications including wavelengths exceeding 500mm and featuring exceptionally petite double-convex aspheric lenses (diameters less than 3mm). Avantier’s commitment to high-precision techniques, including CNC grinding and polishing, glass molding, and advanced testing methods, reflects our dedication to excellence.

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