The Complete Guide to Aspheric Lens
Aspheric Lens

      Product Highlights: Aspheric lenses correct spherical aberration, improving image quality. They feature varying curvature, unlike spherical lenses and spherical elements enhancing, enhancing precision.  Manufacturing methods include precision glass molding, precision polishing, and diamond turning, each with unique benefits and limitations. Material selection depends on application needs and manufacturing process compatibility.  Avantier offers […]

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Case Study: Two-Aspheric Cemented Lenses for Enhanced Image Clarity in Ophthalmic Examinations

     Key Takeaways Avantier manufactures a two-aspheric cemented lens by combining two aspheric lenses, which corrects aberrations and enhances optical performance.  Specifically designed for innovative eyepieces in ophthalmic examinations, these lenses excel in minimizing distortions to improve image quality and clarity, making them suitable for various fields.  The project focused on achieving high surface […]

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Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments

Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments with Wavelengths (350-850nm) in Medical Devices Introduction Avantier, a leading custom optics company, recently undertook a challenging project to design and produce objective lenses for a laser instrument used in a medical device. The client’s specific requirements included an effective focal length (EFL) of 10mm, numerical aperture (NA) of […]

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Case Study – LiDAR Lens Design
LiDAR Lens Design

Case Study – LiDAR Lens Design  Revolutionizing LiDAR Lens Design for Autonomous Driving with Avantier At Avantier, we take pride in our ability to meet the unique optical needs of our customers. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in optics is on display in a recent project, in which we partnered with a cutting-edge company […]

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Transmission Spheres
Envisioning the Future: Earth in a Blue Futuristic Landscape of Internet Connectivity and Global Social Networks with Orbital Internet Satellites and Plexus Geometric Elements

Transmission Spheres Introduction to Transmission Spheres In the world of optical metrology, precision is paramount. When it comes to measuring the surface quality and wavefront of optical components, such as concave or convex surfaces, the role of transmission spheres is crucial. These spheres are precision instruments designed for interferometric testing and are indispensable in ensuring […]

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SPIE BiOS Expo and Photonics West Exhibition
SPIE Photonics West Exhibition

Join Avantier at SPIE Photonics West Show where we’ll be hosting two exciting exhibitions: BiOS Expo: January 27th to 28th, 2024, Booth #8230 Photonics West Exhibition: January 30th to February 1st, 2024, Booth #1437 We’re thrilled to welcome you to our booth, where we’re not only excited to provide you with cutting-edge imaging solutions but […]

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Case Study – Large OAP Mirrors

Case Study – Large OAP Mirrors Customized Large Optics by Avantier: Meeting Unique Needs with Precision and Quality In the ever-evolving world of optical technology, the demand for customized large optics has been on the rise. Many customers seek tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements, which often cannot be met with off-the-shelf products. Avantier, […]

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Lens MTF Testing

What is MTF? Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) is a fundamental concept in optics and image quality assessment that quantifies how well a lens system is able to reproduce various spatial frequencies in an image.  It establishes the correlation between the output and input within an optical system and stands as the most comprehensive method for […]

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Metallic Mirror Coatings

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings and Metal Film Coatings for Mirrors The article has already covered various types of coatings. In this particular piece, our focus will shift towards delving into the specifics of AR coatings and metal film coatings, particularly in the context of mirrors. In this article, we will delve into Metallic Mirror Coatings: The process […]

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