Optics for Life Science

Optics for life science is a quickly growing field, with advanced optics technology breaking down knowledge boundaries and opening new frontiers every day. At Avantier, we are at the forefront of advanced optical design and instrumentation development. Our highly skilled engineers and optical designers are innovative thinkers with a wide base of experience to draw on, and our extensive manufacturing capabilities mean we can produce almost a wide range of high-performance optical assemblies for biotech, life science research and medical applications in-house.

Applications of Optics for Life Science

Optics are key to a hundred different facets of life science research, providing the ability to see and visualize things impossibly small, impossibly far, or incredibly difficult to get to. A few examples of optics in action include:

  • DNA Sequencing
  • Cell Imaging and Analysis
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Micro Arrays
  • Super-resolution Fluorescence and Multiphoton Microscopy
  • Scanning Laser Systems
  • Digital Pathology
  • Analytical Spectroscopes

Each of these fields requires high-quality, highly dependable optics that are manufactured under tight constraints to perform reliably and accurately. Our precision assembly process and careful quality controls enable us to produce optical assemblies like these, optical assemblies that enable you to push the frontiers of your own research or medical practice and provide the very best for those who depend on you. 

Manufacturing Optics for Life Science

Manufacturing optics for life science is subject to unique challenges and constraints. From minuscule optical systems in endoscopes that allow medical personnel to run imaging from within a patient’s body to full body MRI systems to groundbreaking DNA imaging equipment, these optical assemblies help us elucidate hidden structures and push the frontiers of medicine to provide state-of-the-art care even under less than ideal conditions.

Key requirements for medical and bio optics include:

  • High quality
  • Repeatability
  • Robust stability
  • Adherence to budget

High quality is key to getting reliable results on which lives may depend. Some applications will require clear imaging even under low light conditions, other require high resolution in a tiny package. Since these optics may be used in less-than-ideal circumstances, robust durability and stability even under poor conditions are also key. In 3D medical imaging for surgical applications, for instance, complex systems are required. The precise alignment needed between pieces must be robust enough to stay aligned both during procedures and even over the months or years between servicing opportunities. 

But though optics for life science require high performance, durable lenses, they are also often subject to tight budget constraints that make it difficult to meet these standards. In the optics world, high resolution lenses cost significantly more and are more difficult to manufacture. Those working to produce optics for life science must balance both needs to create high performance optics that are designed for manufacturability and can be produced within a budget. Our optical designers are skilled at creating effective designs that meet both requirements and do so without the long turnaround times that plague other manufacturers. For more information on how Avantier can partner with you to create optics for all your life science related applications or to request for quote, please contact us


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