Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Broadband dielectric mirrors provide high reflectance over a broad wavelength range. These mirrors consist of multiple thin layers of  different transparent optical materials, carefully engineered for specific optical properties.  At Avantier, we produce high performance custom broadband electric mirrors.

Broadband Dielectric Mirrors
Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Why Choose Dielectric

A dielectric mirror can provide higher reflection over a desired wavelength than even the best quality metallic images— sometimes even greater than 99%. This almost complete reflection minimizes energy loss in optical systems, therefore increasing system performance and decreasing the likelihood of thermal damage. 

How Dielectric Mirrors Work

The secret to how dielectric mirrors work is in their composition; dielectric coatings over a substrate such as fused silica. Light is reflected at every dielectric surface, and the constructive interference results in a total reflection of more than 99 percent.  It also means that the mirror is limited to use with a specific wavelength of light and is less flexible than mirrors with more average reflectivity. Laser line mirrors offer high reflectivity for only a very specific wavelength. 

Dielectric mirrors will often be designed for a specific angle of incidence; typically either 45 or 0.

Applications of Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Broadband dielectric mirrors are the optic of choice for many beam steering and beam folding applications, whether you’re working in UV, VIS or NIR. They can be used for fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and laser communications. 

Broadband dielectric mirrors can be customized for specific spectral wavelengths.  For instance, one popular wavelength range is 320-450 nm. Wider wavelength ranges such as 400-750  or 750-1100 nm are also possibilities.  Ti: Sapphire lasers may require optimization for the wavelength 650 to 1100 nanometers. This can be achieved with a set of broadband dielectric mirrors, often made available as a kit. Alternatively, one can achieve good reflection with an ultra broadband dielectric mirror designed around that wavelength range. 

A resonator mirror for a laser setup is usually chosen to be dielectric, either broadband or laser line. These mirrors are considered ideal both because of the high reflectivity and because their less reflective wavelength bandwidths enable the transmission out of the system of undesirable pump light. 

Custom Broadband Dielectric Mirrors at Avantier

At Avantier, we produce custom broadband dielectric mirrors for a wide variety of customers. These mirrors offer ultra high reflectivity over desired spectral ranges. We can produce mirrors with high surface flatness, low damage thresholds, and a  low coefficient of thermal expansion.  These mirrors are designed for the specific needs of our clients, and we are proud of our track record of providing high quality optics for the most demanding applications.

 In stock optics are a poor choice when you need a broadband dielectric mirrors because of the intrinsic customizability of these optics. Let us know how we can work with you to help you achieve your ideal optical system. Call us today to place your custom order or schedule an introductory consult with one of our experienced and personable optical designers.


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