Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters

Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters at Avantier – precision-crafted thin film polarizers designed to elevate the performance of your laser systems. These cube beamsplitters are meticulously constructed with a stack of plane surfaces, leveraging the polarization that occurs upon reflection to achieve remarkable results. Tailored for laser applications, our Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters can be optimized for specific wavelengths, including the commonly used 1064 nm laser wavelength, delivering unparalleled performance. This optimization makes them ideal for use in higher power lasers, where efficiency and precision are paramount.
Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter
Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter

Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters

Key Features

  • Extinction Ratio: Achieve precise polarization control with a superior ratio exceeding 1000:1.
  • Narrowband Polarization: Efficiently purify polarization in pulsed laser systems and multimode lasers.
  • Optimized for Laser Applications: Customizable for the 1064 nm wavelength, offering superior performance for various laser systems.
  • Wavefront Distortion: Minimized distortion ensures the integrity of laser beams.
  • Consist of a Pair: Meticulously crafted for symmetry and precision in optical properties.
  • High Transmission Rates: Over 99% reflection for s-polarization and 95% transmission for p-polarization, ensuring minimal loss.
  • Damage Threshold: Durable design suitable for high-power laser systems.
  • UV Fused Silica: Robust construction ensures stability in various operating conditions.
  • Popular Laser Compatibility: Versatile compatibility with popular lasers for a wide range of applications.
  • Beam Deviation: Minimal deviation for accurate and precise laser experiments.
  • 12.7 mm Size: Compact size (12.7 mm) offers convenience without compromising performance.
  • Precision Right Angle Prisms: Construction involves precision prisms, ensuring optical accuracy and reliability.
  • Surface Quality: Exceptional surface quality guarantees clarity in transmitted and reflected beams.
Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter
Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter

Factory Standard


Schott, Ohara, CDGM glass, Corning fused silica, JGS1, JGS2

Surface Flatness

l/4 Lambda

Dimensions Tolerance

+0.1 mm

Beam Deviation

1 arcmin


Surface Quality



Narrowband Anti-Reflection coating on faces

Extinction Ratio

Ts<1×10-2    Rp<2×10-2

Damage Threshold

<100mJ/cm2 in 10ns @1064nm

Whether you are involved in research, industrial applications, or any field requiring precision laser systems, our Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters are the trusted choice. Elevate your laser experiments and applications with the reliability and efficiency of these advanced optical components.


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