Avantier Inc. specializes in germanium optics for diverse applications. Our lenses, enhanced with anti-reflection coatings, excel in thermal imaging and FTIR spectroscopy. These lenses offer high refractive index for IR transmission and durability for wide-angle imaging in tough environments.

Product Information

Germanium Lenses: Avantier Inc. specializes in a diverse range of germanium lenses featuring anti-reflection coatings, enhancing their performance for applications like thermal imaging and FTIR spectroscopy. These lenses possess a high refractive index, making them ideal for IR transmission. They excel in wide-angle imaging even in challenging environments due to their durability and top-notch imaging capabilities.

Infrared Germanium Aspheric Lenses: Infrared Germanium Aspheric Lenses are groundbreaking optics, leveraging aspheric lens design and germanium’s properties for superior infrared performance. They excel in correcting aberrations, ensuring high-quality imaging in various IR applications like thermal imaging, surveillance, remote sensing, and IR spectroscopy

Infrared Germanium Aspheric Lenses

Germanium MWIR Lenses: Germanium is a key material for Medium-Wave Infrared (MWIR) Lenses at Avantier. Its unique properties drive MWIR imaging advancements. Our MWIR lenses, with 25-250 focal lengths and 7-27.6-degree field angles, come in various interfaces. Engineered for seamless integration with a 640×512-15um detector, ensuring top performance. Tailored MWIR components are available, supported by our skilled engineers who guide substrate, coating, and lens choices. 

Germanium LWIR Lenses: Avantier excels in custom optical solutions, powered by germanium’s unique attributes. Germanium is pivotal in crafting our Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) Lenses, impacting sectors from medicine to industry and defense. Our high-performance LWIR Lenses cover 8000 – 12000 nanometers, revolutionizing fields like quality control, predictive maintenance, surveillance, and medical imaging.

Germanium Optical DomesAvantier Inc.’s Germanium Optical Domes are vital components that protect optical systems in challenging environments while maintaining excellent infrared transmission properties. Leveraging germanium’s unique qualities, these domes ensure clear vision and safeguard optical performance in sectors like aerospace, defense, and remote sensing.

Germanium WindowsGermanium windows excel in optical and thermal applications, especially in weight-sensitive and IR systems, due to their unique properties – wide transmission range, high refractive index, and ruggedness. Ideal for demanding environments, they ensure durability and performance. Avantier Inc. provides customizable Germanium windows, ensuring enduring optical excellence.

Technical Articles

BD6 Material: Illuminating Optical Advancements: Explore the transformative role of BD6 (Black Diamond 6) material in optics. Its carefully composed blend delivers exceptional refractive properties and dispersion characteristics, shaping lenses, coatings, and imaging systems. From precise light manipulation to anti-reflective coatings, BD6 material advances optical efficiency. This article highlights its pivotal impact on various applications, ensuring clear imagery and technological advancements.

Optical Titans: BD6 vs. Germanium: In the realm of optics, two formidable contenders, BD6 (Black Diamond 6) and Germanium, emerge as influential materials with distinct attributes. BD6, a versatile modern composite, exhibits exceptional refractive index, transmission, and dispersion properties. It excels in lens precision and anti-reflective coatings, proving vital for imaging systems by correcting chromatic aberrations.

At Avantier Inc., our assortment of Germanium products fills us with pride. We are committed to addressing precise needs by providing tailored dimensions and coatings that align with your distinct specifications. Should you require Germanium lenses designed for applications like thermal imaging systems, IR transmitters, or other intricate demands, our unwavering focus lies in delivering products of the utmost excellence for your ventures. Feel free to reach out to us for arranging a complimentary consultation or to obtain a quotation for your upcoming endeavor.


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