Whether you need aspheric lenses for a semiconductor application, light weighted mirrors for a space-based application, or a lens system for a biomedical application, we have the expertise and manufacturing resources necessary to custom design, prototype, and manufacture products based on your project's requirements. Our dedicated and skilled engineers will ensure that you get the optimal design for your application, while our quality assurance team guarantee the best final products.

Avantier offers full range of optical product development services.
Pre-design consulting
Optical and opto-mechanical design
Prototype production (Rapid Prototyping)
Small run manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping
We would like to encourage our customers to take advantage of our brand new rapid prototyping service, which we deliver in 1-3 weeks without excessive cost.

Please contact us for further detailed information or a specific quotation.

Pre-design consulting
From the beginning Avantier's expert consultants discover as much as possible about the design goals and parameters to formulate a clear idea of what the critical path is for a given design task. Almost always a successful optical design represents a compromise between various factors such as performance, size, cost, and durability. 

Optical and Opto-mechanical design
Depending on the nature of the problem, a variety of methods are employed. We use optical design softwares such as OSLU and
 ZEMAX. Full opto-mechanical design and tolerance is routinely provided.
The combination of cutting edge commercial and custom developed CAD and CAOD software, coupled with designers who use the software and work with the underlying aberration theory, allow
Avantier to provide innovative and highly effective solutions within a very reasonable time frame.

Prototype production
Avantier can provide proof of concept prototypes and small run manufacturing for a wide range of optical systems. Our fabrication in conjunction with the Optics Workshop contains state of the art fabrication and metrology equipment. 

Small run manufacturing
welcomes enquiries from clients interested in small run manufacture. A wide range of precision jobs will be considered, with competitive pricing offered in all categories.

is committed to providing ongoing customer support and our contracts include contingencies for a wide range of post-delivery support services.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.