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With the engineers have more than a decade experience in this area, we developed most reliable, performance oriented and customized polarization maintaining products, such as PM isolator, PM circulator, polarization beam combiner/splitter, PM coupler, in-line polarizer, in-line Faraday rotator and Faraday rotator Mirror. Those devices work at broad range of wavelength, typically 850 nm, 980nm, 1064 nm, 1310 nm, 1480 nm and 1550 nm wavelength band. And different fiber type combination and different PM fiber orientation can be selected by customers. Customized operating wavelength range is also available upon request.

Products Datasheet

DPBC/S Polarizer
Circulator Isolator
Collimator DWDM
Pigtail Filter Coupler
Tap Coupler Faraday Mirror
Tap Isolator Faraday Rotator
Connector/Patchcord 1310 & 1550 Collimator
2 × 2 Circulator 1 × 3 Filter Coupler Module
1 × 4/1 × 8 Filter Coupler Module