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Broadband Polarizing Beamsplitters These thin film cube beamsplitters combine the excellent characteristics of the laser polarizing beamsplitters previously described with the advantage of broadband application. The polarizing film is fully protected within the cube making them durable and convenient to use. Left Align

Three wavebands have been chosen to cover most general applications: 450-680 covers the visible spectrum and a wide selection of laser wavelengths, 650-850 covers most visible range diode lasers and 1300-1600 covers most telecommunications band diode lasers. Although these polarizers will work well over the entire broadband specified they are manufactured to laser performance standards.

Specifications & Tolerances

Material: BK7
Surface flatness: /4
Dimensions: +0.2mm
Beam deviation: <5arcmin
Surface quality: 40-20
Extinction ratio: 100:1
Coating: Broadband Anti-Reflection coating on faces


Dichroic Polarizers These are sheets of dichroic plastic material which provide a reasonable degree of polarization at an economical price. They are laminated between two thin sheets of glass for rigidity and mounted in a metal ring for ease of use and handling. The optic axis is marked. Left Align

These are broadband devices operating over a range of 400-750nm, and 760-2000nm.

We also offer economical unmounted sheets of this material which are neither sandwiched between glass covers nor mounted in the aluminum ring around the outside. The unmounted material has a slight tendency to curl in one direction.

Specifications & Tolerances

Material: Dichroic plastic
Dimensions: +0.2mm
Extinction ratio: 1 x 10-4
Transmittance @550nm:
    36% (single sheet) , 26% (two open sheets)
Temperature range: -30 to +80 °C
Coating: Broadband Anti-Reflection


Laser polarizing cube beamsplitters These are thin film polarizers constructed as a cube. Thin film polarizers utilize the polarization which occurs on reflection from a plane surface. By combining a large number of such surfaces in a stack it is possible to obtain useful extinction ratios. Left Align

The s-polarization is more than 99% reflected while the p-polarization can be suppressed in the reflected beam and become 95% transmitted. Thin film polarizers can be optimized for a particular wavelength to give superior performance for laser applications.

Specifications & Tolerances

Material: BK7
Surface flatness: l/4
Dimensions: +0.2mm
Beam deviation: 5arcmin
Asymmetry: 1°
Surface quality: 40-20
Coating: Narrowband Anti-Reflection coating on faces
Extinction ratio:Ts<1x10-2    Rp<2x10-2
 Damage threshold: <100mJ/cm2 in 10ns @1064nm