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Opto-Mechanical Assembly
Shanghai Optics provides design and manufacturing of complex opto-mechanical assemblies from doublets, to beam expanders, to complex illumination and critical laser delivery systems. In process optical alignment stations and real time optical compensation techniques bring capabilities to the production floor that traditionally required engineers to perform in the laboratory.Our opto-mechanical assembly capability is enabled by in-house professionals with expertise in the following areas in addition to our Electro-Optical Assembly capabilities:

Left Align

Imaging/non-imaging optical system design, mount, jig/tooling design.
Lens design
Mechanical/Electrical/Systems design, modeling, and analysis
Coating design
Precision lens assembly techniques
Optics and metals cleaning processes and environments
Metrology including Zygo NewView, ZMI, and VeriFire systems, Zygo proprietary distortion tester, multi-axis MTF (large aperture and multispectral), Aspheric null and metering mirror systems, vertical tower system test benches, CMM's, microscopes, autocollimators, spectrophotometers, profilers, and other advanced measurement equipment.